PHOTODUST is an independent art and photography organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.

We are a not-for-profit Asia-Pacific curation project. Our aim is to engage and encourage collaboration between artists, for the production and publication of photographic and lens-based art.

PHOTODUST aims to establish a unique perspective toward visual culture. For this purpose, we are constantly searching for artworks that involve the use of photography and related processes.

The rules are simple: all photographic and lens-based works will be considered. Our only requirement is that the work should be produced by artists born or based in the Asia-Pacific region.


In alphabetical order.

Andrew McLaughlin
Ariel Cameron
Bella Li
Christine McFetridge
Chris Parkinson
Dan Sibley
Mauricio Rivera
Mike Read
Sudeep Lingamneni


Aline Brugel
Alister McKeich
Andrew Brown
Andrew McLaughlin
Anna Maria Antoinette D'Addario
Ao Kim Ngan
Ariel Cameron
Athena Zelandonii
Bella Li
Blanca Galindo
Catherine Croll
Charlie Kinross
Chloe Bartram
Chris Bowes
Chris Parkinson
Christopher Button
Christine McFetridge
Claire Capel-Stanley
Dan Sibley
Dat Vu
David Simon Martret
David Veentjer
Devika Bilimoria
Diana Yong
Dianne Reid
Dwi Asrul Fajar
Erin Baker
Ezz Monem
Flavia Dent
Gary Sauer-Thompson
Georgina Campbell
Grace Feng Fang Juan
Grace Pundyk
Ian Gibbins
Ilona Nelson
Jacqueline Felstead
James Hunter
Jess D’cruze
Jessie Imam
Jessye Wdowin-Mcgregor
Jimmy Langer
Jody Haines
Jonah Meyers
Jordan Madge
Jue Yang
Justyn Koh
Karolina Nowosielska Solevag
Kip Scott
Kris Washusen
Leanora Olmi
Lena Sheridan
Lisa Bow
Lydia Beilby
Lyndal Irons
Madeline Bishop
Marcelle Bradbeer
Mary Macpherson
Matthew Victor Pastor
Mauricio Rivera
Meg Hewitt
Melinda Smith
Michael Hurse
Mike Read
Morganna Magee
Natasha Cantwell
Nikki Lam
Ohm Phanphiroj
Paige Townsend
Phuong Tran Minh
Pia Johnson
Renee Stamatova
Richard Butler-Bowdon
Robert Albazi
Robert Musgrave
Shen Wei
Simone Darcy
Siying Zhou
Snehargho Ghosh
Sonya Louise
Sudeep Lingamneni
Susan Doel
Susan Mountford
Taha Ahmad
Tammy Law
Tania Lou Smith
Tanja Milbourne
Tiffaney Bishop
Tim Allen
Todd Johnson
Travis Fryer
Yixuan Pan


Bella Li
Chris Parkinson
Christine McFetridge
Mauricio Rivera


Photodust has a collaborative series with Peril (, an online magazine focused on issues of Asian-Australian arts and culture. Peril’s mission is to be a platform for Asian-Australian voices that empowers the creativity, agency and representation of Asian-Australian people in arts, society and culture.


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